Our Solar Donation

The Yarra Energy Foundation and Eko Energy are committed to helping communities transition to a zero carbon economy in the most equitable way possible. Access to local renewable energy will increase the resilience of Murrindindi and soften the impact of energy price shocks, and reduce the region's collective carbon footprint. We believe that we all need to pull together and help out where we can to help spread the power of the sun.

How does the Dindi Bulk Buy community solar donation work?

Once 50kW of solar has been sold as part of the Dindi Bulk Buy, participants will be able to vote for the local community group that they would like to see receive a solar PV system donation. If we reach a further 50kw, the donation will increase, and so on. All the more reason to chat to your neighbours and get the whole community on board!

Who can I vote for?

We're currently creating a shortlist of local community groups that would be good candidates for solar. If you have someone in mind, give us a call on 1300 866 634 and let us know.


YEF'S Past Community Donations

In 2015, through another solar bulk buy program, the Yarra Energy Foundation, Solar Neighbourhoods and Commpower donated an 8 kW solar PV system to St. Mary’s House of Welcome in Fitzroy. The success of that program and the generosity of our partners will continue to contribute to SMOW’s work as a support centre for disadvantaged people experiencing homelessness, poverty and mental health issues. They provide hot showers, meals and emergency relief to around 150 disadvantaged people each day.

“The donation will save a small fortune on electricity costs, which can be put back into providing food and other essential services for the people who rely on St Mary’s for support”. – Tony McCosker, CEO, St. Mary’s House of Welcome

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This is an Murrindindi Shire Council program powered by the Yarra Energy Foundation. Eko Energy is the solar provider.